Respondr allows you to import products. Create a custom CSV file including any of the supported fields listed below:

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Image URL *
  • Description
  • Categories - comma separated list

* Image URL is the only required field for products.

To import your products, log in and go to Analytics > Products.

Click on the upload button.

Step 1: Upload

Select the file you'd like to upload. Click Next.

Step 2: Map

Associate the fields in the CSV file column header with the corresponding fields in Respondr. For any fields you do not have data for leave 'n/a' selected in the drop down. Image URL is the only required field for products. Click Next.

Step 3: Import

Review the data before importing. Remove any of the listed products by clicking the 'X' on the appropriate row. Once you've confirmed all products should be imported, click Import.

Step 4: Done

Products have been successfully imported. Return to Products page to see all of your products.