Respond to your contacts when they visit a specific URL on your site.

To create an action-triggered Respondr, log in and go to Respondrs. Click the "+" button on the top left side of the screen.

Step 1: Channel

Currently, only the email channel is available, as shown here. Support for other channels, including SMS/MMS, Facebook Notifications, Facebook Open Graph, iOS and Android push notifications, is coming soon.

Step 2: Setup

The following fields are available for all Respondrs:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags *

* Tags are optional and can be used to filter Respondrs. All other fields are required.

Enter the Respondrs information in the appropriate field. Click Next.

Step 3: Trigger

To respond to a page view select "Action Triggered". The following fields are required:

  • Send - Select when the Respondr will be sent (e.g, 1 day).
  • After a contact - Select "Visits a given URL" to respond to a page view.
  • Where the URL is - Enter a full URL (e.g,

Step 4: Sequence

A message sequence (sometimes called a "drip program") will go out in response to the pre-defined action. This takes the form of (1) an initial response and (2) one or more followup responses.

Initial Response:

Select a Template from the drop down for the initial response. If you do not want to add any followup responses, click Next and continue to step 5.

Followup Responses:

Click Add Response to open a dialog and set up followup responses.

Select channel, template and when to send the response. Click Save. Repeat to set up any additional followup responses.

Step 5: Suppression

Suppression allows you to make sure your customers do not receive too many Respondrs in a specific time period. If you select "Always send" then the Respondr will always be sent. Once suppression is set up click Save.

Enabling/Disabling Respondrs

To enable/disable a Respondr, simply click the on/off toggle on the main Respondrs page.