A Respondr is an automated response to an event. To create your first Respondr, log in and go to Respondrs.

Currently, only the email channel is available, on the starter plan. Support for other channels, including SMS/MMS, Facebook, Twitter, Popup, Phone, and Youtube are available when you upgrade your account

Step 1: Setup

The following fields are available for all Respondrs:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags *
  • Send to **

* Tags are optional and can be used to filter Respondrs. All other fields are required.

** Respondrs can be sent to contacts with a specific tag or specific email address.

Enter the Respondrs information in the appropriate field. Click Next.

Step 2: Trigger

A trigger is a pre-defined action, such as visiting a specified URL, downloading a file, clicking a link to an external website, searching a website, abandoning a cart, placing an order, etc.  Select a trigger for the Respondr and click Next.

Step 4: Sequence

A message sequence (sometimes called a "drip program") will go out in response to the pre-defined action. This takes the form of (1) an initial response and (2) one or more followup responses.

Initial Response:

Select a Template from the drop down for the initial response. If you do not want to add any followup responses, click Next and continue to step 5.

Followup Responses:

Click Add Response to open a dialog and set up followup responses.

Select channel, template and when to send the response. Click Save. Repeat to set up any additional followup responses.

Step 5: Suppression

Suppression allows you to make sure your customers do not receive too many Respondrs in a specific time period. If no suppression is set, the respondr will always be sent. Once suppression is set up click Save.

Enabling/Disabling Respondrs

To enable/disable a Respondr, simply click the on/off toggle on the main Respondrs page.