Create an IAM User

To get started, log into your AWS account. Don't have an AWS account? Click here to create one!

Under Security & Identity, click Identity & Access Management.

Once on the IAM Dashboard, click Users > Create New Users.

Enter a user name and make sure you check "Generate an access key for each user". Click Create.

Your user should have been created successfully. Click "Show User Security Credentials" to view the credentials in the browser. Download a copy of the credentials. Click Close.

WARNING: This is the only time you will be able see these credentials so make sure you download the credentials and save them to use during Onboarding.

Add AmazonSESFullAccess to User

The user needs to have full access to SES in order to send emails through Respondr. Select the user you just created from the list of Users. Click Attach Policy.

Search for "AmazonSESFullAccess". Select AmazonSESFullAccess. Click Attach Policy.

Save Credentials in Respondr

In order to start sending emails in Respondr you will need to save your SES credentials. Click on your profile image on the top right corner and select Admin from the drop down menu and select Email under integration.

Click Add to open the SES Settings dialog. Take the credentials you saved earlier and paste them into the appropriate field. Click Save.